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We have a payment policy of “no interest” regarding payments. We do adhere to regular, monthly payments. Upon completion of payments, we do send out Certificates of Internment for graves, mausoleum crypts and cremation niches and we do send Letters of Receipt in regard to other pre-paid cemetery items.

The Importance of Pre-Planning

Every day we pre-arrange for our daily living: we take pride in our living arrangements, our homes, our apartments, we open bank accounts for the handling of our finances, and we purchase insurances for our health care, and our very lives, so that family members are relieved of these very important liabilities. We must therefore, prepare for our end-of-life concerns.

How many times has it been said in regard to burial arrangements: “I wish to take care of these things so that my children will not have to?” Parents, who have always taken care of their children, do so again when they pre-arrange their own funeral services and burials. A pre-need purchase for burial or entombment/inurnment allows one to start making decisions at a calm and prudent time, relieving both economical and emotional burdens of an at-need arrangement.

Pre-Arranged Interment Options

  • GRAVES: For traditional burial or cremation, with a family choice of a lawn level “bronze on granite” marker. Requirement: a concrete box or vault for traditional burial. An urn vault for cremation.
  • MAUSOLEUM CRYPT: For above-ground entombment, with a “bronze” nameplate (monobar). Requirement: Prefer a metal, unsealing casket. Cemetery provides a crypt tray.
  • COLUMBARIUM NICHE: For cremation, with a “bronze” niche plate. Requirement: Specified urn size.
  • CHAPEL FLOOR CRYPTS: For traditional entombment below our chapel floor with a floor engraving of name and dates. Requirement: None.

Pre-Paid Opening & Closing Charges

Opening and Closing charges are locked in at current prices when pre-arranged and pre-paid, or under a payment plan, no matter the increase over the years. Opening and Closing refers to digging and covering up in regard to traditional and cremation burials; it also refers to the opening up and the sealing of chapel floor crypts, mausoleum crypts and cremation niches.

All memorials, vaults, concrete boxes, urns and urn vaults may be locked in at the current price of purchase when pre-arranged and prepaid, or under a payment plan.

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